Federal Criminal Lawsuits


    USA vs Rockcoons (2:18-mj-00211)

      This is a Federal Lawsuit going on in Phoenix, Arizona. After the motions, this case is left with only 5 counts of money laudering. The goverment dropped the operating without a License charges, and the judge the fellon with ammunitions.

    USA vs Campos (2:18-cr-03554)

      This is a federal case where a bitcoiner was arrested at the US/Mexican border crossing. This is an ongoing develloping story.

    USA vs Zaslavskiy (1:17-cr-00647)

      This is a Federal Lawsuit going on in New York, NY.

    USA vs Shahnaz (2:17-cr-00690)

      This is a Federal Lawsuit going on in Islip, New York . It is a terrorism case where the governement linked bitcoin to generate fear on the Intangible Commodity.

    USA vs Stetkiw (2:17-mj-30566 & 2:18-cr-20579)

      This is a Federal Lawsuit going on in Detroit, Michigan. This case is has the ability to invalidate the FinCEN directive that has been used to unlawfully regulate bitcoin. In the second round, the departement of justice found child pornography in Stetkiw's computer. They are charging him with the child pornography and operating a money transmission business without a license as well.

    USA vs Kim (1:18-cr-00107-1)

      This is a Federal Lawsuit going on in Chicago, IL.

In Appeal

    USA vs Lord (5:15-cr-00240)

      This was a Federal Lawsuit going on in New Orleans, Louisiana. Michael Lord father wanted to change his plea from Guilty to Not Guilty.

    USA vs Costanzo (2:17-cr-00585)

      This case is now in appeal at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal as Thomas Costanzo was found guilty of 5 money laudering charges. All charges against Peter Steimetz were dropped.

    USA vs Murgio (1:15-cr-00769)

      This was a Federal lawsuit going on in New York where Anthony Murgio took a plea of guilty and got more time than his co-conspirator. He claims that his lawyer pushed him to get a sentence even tought the judge asked him to wait so both him and his co-conspirator could be sentenced together the next day.

    USA vs Ulbricht (1:14-cr-00068)

      This is the high profile case of Silk Road. Russ was sentenced to life in prison just to make an example. The case is being appealed to the US Supreme Court.

Plead and closed

    USA vs Petix (1:15-cr-00227)

      This was a Federal Lawsuit from Rochester New York. This case is interesting because a magistrate judge wrote a report explaining why bitcoin is not money in term of 18 USC 1960.

    USA vs Klein (6:17-cr-03056)

      He pleaded guilty to selling on Localbitcoin.com.

    USA vs Ross (2:17-cr-00160)

      He pleaded guilty to selling on Localbitcoin.com.

    USA vs Mansy (2:15-cr-00198)

      This is a Federal lawsuit that happened in Portland, MA and is the saddest stories of all. A small business owner was caught in a string of unfortunate circumstances. It shows how the government will go at any length to prove a point and bend people that don't have the means to defend themselves just to prove a point. This is a clear case that the prosecution was not looking for the truth but searching for an easy win.

    USA vs Wagner (1:14-cr-00398)

      This was a Federal lawsuit in Denver, CO. Burt is one of the first traders to have been arrested and fight back. He got the Civil Forfeiture laws changed in Colorado.

    USA vs Faiella (1:14-cr-00243)

      This was a Federal case in New York where Charlie Shrem plead guilty to aiding and abetting the operation of an unlicensed money-transmitting business related to the Silk Road marketplace. This case was also BTCKing case.

    USA vs Vallerius (1:17-cr-20648)

      This is a Federal Lawsuit going on in Miami, Florida. This is a simple drug deal case but the goverment claims that they were able to find the real identity of the perpetrator using bitcoin.

State Criminal Lawsuits

    In Appeal

      Florida vs Espinoza

      This is a State Lawsuit going on in Florida and the State of Florida is currently appealing the judge dismissal. This is another case of overseal as the state law was changed in 9 minutes after the state lost the argument.

Federal Civil Lawsuits

State Civil Lawsuits

    Chino vs NYDFS (101880-2015)

      This is a lawsuit about Excecutive power owereach by unconstutionaly establishing the Bitlicense in New York State