USA vs Mansy (Maine)


Sal was born in Mosul, Iraq. He liked bitcoin because of the Non Charge Back capabilities that came with bitcoin. He started using Bitcoin and selling them on and he would comply with KYC/AML regulation by proxy (same as Abra), by having Western Union and Moneygram ask and make copy for the ID.

He would be victim of the middle of the attack scheme where a person advertise a fake item on a website and then ask the person to wire the money to Sal whom then sent the bitcoin to the fake person that put the advertisement. With each purshase, he would call the customer and ask them if they knew why they were sending him money. If the customer did not know, he would educate them and return the money and not complete the sale.

Sal got railroaded by Disk Network who sent the judge a letter telling them that they had history and insinuating that he did sale Cable TV discramblers.

Departement of Justice Press Release

Detroit Man Pleads Guilty in Case Involving Bitcoins
Detroit Man Sentenced to a Year and a Day for Operating an Unlicensed Bitcoin Business

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      Register Number: 52152-039
      FCI Loretto
      P.O. BOX 1000
      LORETTO, PA 15940